Unbuilt Door

sound installation, 2 channel, 2020

    Unbuilt Door is an interactive sound installation created by Jiayu Zhang and Joana P. Cardozo during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. In response to the shared experiences of frustration, fear and isolation in this pandemic, the piece offers a meditative experience to reimagine the space between individuals with questions of transgression and connection.

    Jiayu and Joana were studio neighbors at CalArts who are planning to tear down part of the wall that separates the rooms. Due to the closure of the Institute, the physical act of breaking the wall has been transformed into an imaginative experience of breaking the barrier between two individual’s minds. Participants are now guided by the artists’ meditative voices narrating the process of breaking through a wall and embracing each other in the space beyond. The experience takes place from two separate channels, representing the perspectives of both the wall-breaker and their next-door neighbor.